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Trail Marking Dec 13, 2014 

We are scheduling a work party on the weekend of Dec.13th & 14th to put up all the markers on Lake Louise and Susitna. We'll need about 8 - 10 people to get the job done in one day. We'll meet 9:00 am Saturday morning in front of Lake Louise Lodge. Call Harry at 232-9080 for any further information.

Below is a sample of our new graphics. Hope you Like.


Dear Wolfpack Members,

Here we are again at the beginning of another season of riding. Starting now is when, we as a Club, start to ramp up for our activities. Trail markers need to be set around Lake Louise and Susitna and we hope to begin grooming trails shortly after jan.1st. We are going to need help this year to get everything accomplished. Please give us a hand by contacting any board member to see how you can help.

A gentle reminder to all members, dues are due in January. You can see if you are current or pay by going to the link on the web page. Thank you to all the members that became Life Members last season and just recently over the summer. Your support is very much appreciated.

Please continue to visit the website often this season because this is where we will be posting and announcing all the activities. Right know check out what has been happening since last spring in the “Wolf Pack News” and also check out a personal letter to all members from the President at “The President’s Corner”.

Harry Holt

Presidents Corner, Updated!

Please take a few minuets to read the u[dated 2013 letter from Harry Holt to let you know what your club has been up to.

Trail Maps
We have  8 1/2" X 11" laminated trail maps available for $5.00. They are are available at the bar in Lake Louise Lodge and Tolsona Lodge.

Thank you  to our newest Life Members
Rick & Kathleen Carlson

Check out the weather on the  Web Cam!!
Special thanks to LL Lodge for hosting the web cam.
**Check your dues status here**

The LLSMC is a non-profit organization that relies on its members for fund raising. Do you like groomed trails? We need your support! Click here to see the list updated November 13, 2014. We've cleaned up the list and deleted anyone who hasn't paid dues since 2010. If your are not marked as current for 2014 you owe dues! If you paid by mail or in person I may not have that information yet.  If you find an error please email me and I'll do what I can to fix it. If you haven't paid your dues you can do so easily online. Click 
here to pay your dues or to give a donation.

If you wish to print of a membership form and mail it in click here.


Lake Louise Groomer in action


The Wolf Pack was formed in 1994 by founding member, Tree Farmer, as a way to streamline the area's grooming efforts.  The Club's first duties were directed at helping the Copper Basin 300 Sled Dog Race with the Lake Louise portion of their race trails.  Our responsibilities grew over the years as more volunteers and members helped the Club grow into a non-profit organization responsible for almost 200 miles of winter trails in the Lake Louise and Copper River area. 



Bulletin Board

Snow Machine Club Membership Form

HERE for the Nov 2013  Running With Pack News Letter.

The 2014 - 2015 winter schedule is posted Click Here to see the events planned this winter. Please email me if you have an event you would like posted on the web site.

Message Board
We are experimenting with a message board click 
here to add comments or to view, it requires a login.

We also added a 
guestbook which allows you to leave comments on the web page.

We have a Facebook page!
  Interact with us there.  Friend the LLSMC on Facebook. Share pictures and your upcoming events there.

The weather page has been updated with a weather cam.
Click HERE to see current conditions that shows the dials and click HERE for weather cam and additional weather information 5 day forecast and yearly high lows.

Board meeting minutes.
Click below for board meeting minuets

2014 Annual Meeting
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Current Board of Directors

Harry Holt, President

Randy Arndt, Vice President

Corky Matthews,  Treasurer

Jim Johnson, Board Member

Mike Andersen, Board Member

John Delaquito, Board Member

Barry Simpson, Secretary

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