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The Wolf Pack was formed in 1994 by founding member, Tree Farmer, as a way to streamline the area's grooming efforts. The Club's first duties were directed at helping the Copper Basin 300 Sled Dog Race with the Lake Louise portion of their race trails. Our responsibilities grew over the years as more volunteers and members helped the Club grow into a non-profit organization responsible for almost 200 miles of winter trails in the Lake Louise and Copper River area. 

The Lake Louise Snowmachine Club supports and maintains trails in the Lake Louise and Copper Basin area, specifically:

Crosswind Trail The Crosswind Trail starts on the East side of Lake Louise, approximately 3 miles northeast of the lodges and follows old fire cuts to Crosswind Lake. This trail is fast becoming the preferred winter access route to Crosswinds by residents and recreational users. This widely used trail is equipped with numerous safety and hazard signs. Its long straight-a-ways and scenic views make this a perfect trail for a family ride  Length - 23 miles. 
Tolsona Trail The Tolsona Trail starts at about Mile 16 of the Lake Louise Road and takes you across Tolsona Creek and on to Tolsona Lodge. The curves and jags of this trail make it fun for the more experienced rider; however, everyone who exercises caution through the hazard areas will find the scenic trail enjoyable. Length - 26 miles.

Eureka Trail The Eureka Trail is one of the newer trails in the area. The trail crosses many lakes and lowlands before heading into the high area above the tree line to summit at approximately 3,020 feet. At the Tyone intersection at Mile 26.2, you can head to Eureka Lodge via the Old Nelchina Townsite or you can journey across Big Bones Ridge on the Moore Lake Loop Trail. Length - 54 miles. 
Moore Lake Loop The Moore Lake Loop Trail begins at Mile 26.2 of the Eureka Trail and travels along the high ground until it drops down into Lake Susitna, just north of Lake Louise. Length - 41 miles. 
McClaren Trail The McClaren Trail is a newly established trail that begins on the east bay of Tyone Lake. From there, it proceeds north over the shoulder of Tyone Mountain and to Wonderly Ridge. The trail then crosses the west fork of the Gulkana River and proceeds to Monsoon Lake where it then heads north following the MacLaren River to the Denali Highway. Length - 85 miles. 

Other side and transportation trails in the immediate Lake Louise area are also maintained.


Peter Probasco, Board Member
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Harry Holt, President

Tom Corkran, Vice President

Randy Arndt,  Treasurer

Peter Probasco, Secretary

Open Position, Board Member

Mike Andersen, Board Member

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