Lake Ice, Trail, and Snow Conditions

Here is the final trail report of the season for the Lake Louise area, April 6, 2017.

The weather has steadily been getting warmer since the last report. Lows have been mid 20's over night and 35 to 45 by late afternoon.

The groomed trails are holding up but getting very soft by midafternoon. The trails are beginning to break down quickly as the temperatures stay above freezing and the sun stays out longer. So if moving freight or heavy loads, plan to do so in the early morning and hold off when the trails gets soft in the afternoon.

No overflow has been reported yet on Lake Louise or Susitna as the snow steadily goes away.

All the Lake Trail markers will be pulled sometime in the next couple weeks as our season winds down.

We will no longer be grooming this season and thank everyone for their support.


Please pick up any trash you find on the trail you are on!!!!!!!

Haul your freight and heavy loads in the mornings when the trails are hard and avoid doing it in the afternoons when conditions change.

Beware of over flow which will begin to show up as the temperatures rise.  

As always; let someone know where you are going, when you plan to be back, dress for the weather and travel in pairs.

April 6 2017