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Lake Ice, Trail, and Snow Conditions

Trail Report

The temperature this week has finally warmed up above the zero mark. The temperatures have been -6 degrees in the mornings and climbing into the 20's during the afternoons. We've received about 1” of snow today and snow showers are predicted through this weekend.

With the warmer weather, snow and trail conditions have never been better.

All the groomed trails are smooth, hard packed, and in great condition. I’ve had reports from folks that have been “boon docking” and they say the snow off the trail is bottomless and couldn't be any better. The overflow seems to have healed up and doesn't appear to be the problem it has been for the last couple months.

We groomed the Tolsona/Cindy/Crosswind West Trails today. That now opens up a 45 mile loop out to Crosswind Lake and back to Lake Louise.

On Thursday we will finish grooming the Eureka/John Lake Trail opening it up to ride to Eureka Lodge on smooth trails.

Mendeltna/Bob Lake trail was groomed on Tuesday with snowmachine groomers preparing for this weekend's “sweetheart fun run”.

After the weekend we will groom the east side of Lake Louise and down Susitna Lake into Tyone to the Nipple Mt. Trail head.

The Moore Trail has yet to be groomed. Still need help doing track maintenance on the Bombardier. Once that is accomplished we will groom the Moore Trail. Soon I hope.  


As a reminder.  Don't travel alone, dress appropriately and  let someone know where you are going. If you do come across a hazard. Please report it to someone at Lake Louise Lodge.

February 14, 2018